Gift Certificate Specials: 4 Choices

1. Children’s Classes Gift Certificates (for New Students): $105.00*
     2.  Adult Class Certificates (including Current Students): $105 per mo**
3. Discounted New Student Pottery Pack (Tuition, Tools, Clay, Firing & Glazing): $170*
     4. Any Amount Certificates:  @ Face Value for Anyone for any Product or Service


To Purchase A Gift Certificate Now
Click the button below, then Indicate Your Selection in the dropdown on the shop page
This is for purchasing a gift certificate. If you’d like to make a one-time payment on your regular invoice, please go here:  One-time Online Payment

   1. $105 – Select CHILDREN’S CLASS Certificate (may be used only by new students*)
   2. $115 – Select ADULT CLASS Certificate (may be used only by new students*)
   3. $170 – Select discounted POTTERY PACK Certificate (new students only, tuition, clay, tools, firing & glazes*)
   4. $25-$100 – Select a face value Certificate which can be used by anyone for any service or product.
   5. Your Gift Certificate will be mailed via the US Post Office within two days of the next business day.
      *May be used by new students only (those not enrolled in the prior 6 months).  ** For each $95 entered the certificate will indicate a full month of tuition credit available for any student to use.