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Art and Pottery Classes for Everyone!  All Ages and All Ability Levels!


Conviently Located in Salt Lake’s Sugarhouse at 1025 East and 2100 South.


Classes for Kids


Classes For Kids!

We love kids and they are by nature creative!  Our classes build on that gift to enhance creativity and self esteem, while building skills.  Classes are available for kids as young as those in the first grade and include drawing, painting and three demensional media. 


Painting and Drawing


Painting & Drawing!

Watercolor, Oil Painting, Colored Pencil, and Drawing are all classes available for adult and high school students.  In the warm, positive environment of our classes you’ll experience the joy of visual expression.  Don’t wait, make a class at the Petersen Art Center part of your life!


Free Posters


Pottery Classes

Have you ever wondered what is was like to feel smooth, cool clay spinning in your hands?  To watch as it transforms into a creation of utility and beauty?  Join us in Utah’s finest private pottery studio and discover the pure joy of creating works of art on the potters wheel.