Class Registration: Half Price / $50.00
For New Class Enrollments*

Your New Year’s resolution?  How about taking a new art class for half price!  All New Enrollments registered in January will be billed just $50.  for their first month of  tuition!  Limitations and restrictions on this offer:  Discounted tuition may be used only by NEW STUDENTS who have not been enrolled at the Petersen Art Center in the prior 6 months.  Good for February enrollment in any open class, must be enrolled by the first scheduled class in February.  Does not include materials.  Student will be auto enrolled for March and following months, and may withdraw at the beginning of any month via email or phone.  Offer may not be combined with any other tuition reducing offer or policy.

Registration in our classes is easy!  You can enroll in any “Open,” class (see our schedule for classes that are open: those that are not currently at the maximum number of students, ususally 12).  If a class is full, you can still fill out a registration form (below) and we will put you on a waiting list and let you know when we can put you in the class you desire, or you can just select another class.  Once you are enrolled we will let you know when your first class will begin (usually within the next week to the beginning of the next month).


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    * Check here to Accept our Registration and Payment Policies

    Registration and Tuition Payment Policies

    Once Enrollment is confirmed either through mail or email you are enrolled in the class you selected.  The Petersen Art Center will continue to hold that spot in that class for you through the first month even if you do not attend.    You are responsible for tuition for that month unless you withdraw from the class prior to the first class you were registered to attend.   If you change your mind and do not want to attend the class you must call us at 467-5444 or email us (at and give notice of your withdrawal prior to the first class you are scheduled to attend.

    Tuition and Discounts

    Tuition for all ongoing instruction is $100.00 per month and is due on the 12th of the month, for that month. This tuition is for four weekly class sessions  (unless otherwise noted).

    Students may subtract a timely payment discount of $5.00 if their payment is delivered or postmarked by the 12th of the month and their account is otherwise current.  In the event a student takes more than one class or  members of any current immediate family (living at the same address) takes more than one class, tuition for those additional classes (after the first class) will be discounted by 10%.  The timely payment discount may also be applied in addition to this discount.

    Unless otherwise noted, ongoing tuition is paid for the opportunity to attend four class sessions (generally held once a week).   Since there are 13 weeks in every three month period, the school will close for one week’s vacation every three months.  This week’s vacation does not affect tuition and student’s will be notified in advance of it’s scheduled dates.

    Refund and Withdrawals

    Tuition will not be refunded for any classes a student misses.  When possible instructors will allow students  to make up missed sessions in other classes (if schedule and attendance allows).  Make up classes are offered as a courtesy and are not a condition of this contract.  Make-up classes may be used only by current students who are paid in full for the month in which they are making up the class.  Students may not “save up” make-up classes and then use said classes in place of a months tuition or in any event use them when they are not enrolled as a paying student.  In the event an ongoing class session is canceled for any reason by an instructor or the Petersen Art Center all students in that class will receive a refund or credit towards the next month’s tuition for that session. 

    Any student wishing to withdraw from an ongoing class may due so at the close of any month in which they are enrolled.  You must notify the Petersen Art Center Office in writing (by mail or email) or by phone (801-467-5444) of your intention to withdraw. Withdrawal will become effective at the beginning of the next month.  Tuition will not be refunded for remaining classes that month (i.e., if you with withdraw in the middle of August your withdrawal becomes effective September 1 and you will not receive a refund for the last half of August and full tuition remains due for August).

    Prepaid tuition for the next month’s classes will be refunded provided notification of withdrawal is received prior to the first scheduled class that month,  otherwise remaining tuition for that month is forfeited.

    IMPORTANT:  YOU WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY DROPPED FROM ANY CLASS FOR WHICH YOU HAVE  REGISTERED BECAUSE YOU DID NOT ATTEND THE CLASS, OR FAILED TO PAY TUITION.  You must notify the art center in writing, BY PHONE (801-467-5444) or EMAIL ( of your intention to withdraw or you will continue to be registered in the class and responsible for tuition for that class