Make Art Part of Your Life!

Nearly every person has artistic talent!  The Petersen Art Center was founded to help everyday people, people just like you, discover and develop their talents in a warm supportive environment, under the direction of caring professional instructors.  We believe that a life that includes artistic expression is a richer, more fulfilling life!

You will find yourself seeing the world in a new way. Each week you will look forward to your class, to the discoveries waiting there and to the people you will share those discoveries with. Whether you are an accomplished artist, someone who once seemed to exhibit talent or someone who never has even picked up a brush, join us today. It’s never too late to start and our unique ongoing class format means you can start anytime!

How Art Classes Improve your Life

The Petersen Art Center was established to bring the world of art and creativity into everyone’s life.  Our instructors are ready to guide you in that process at a pace and in a manner that fits your needs.  Many students come to us thinking that they “haven’t got an artistic bone in their bodies,” only to discover hidden talents that they didn’t know were waiting to be discovered.  Our students regularly report a wide spectrum of benefits that come from studying art at the Petersen Art Center.  Creating wonderful art is just one of them.  Other benefits include:
1.  It fosters patience and confidence in handling unfamiliar materials.
2.  Creating art builds self-esteem.  Many of our students find that art is an important element in their mental health and happiness.
3.  Drawing exercises the brain.  Many of our senior citizen students find that art enhances their thought processes and memory skills.
4.  Creating art builds the ability to concentrate.  This can translate to success in many areas of study.
5.  Art improves your ability to really see and enjoy the world around you.
6.  Creating art encourages problem solving and self-expression.
7.  The Petersen Art Center provides a social network of great friends.  Students enjoy each other as much and they enjoy creating their art.
8.  Finally you will create beautiful items that will be enjoyed and cherished by you and your family for generations. 

Our Founder: Harold “Pete,” Petersen

The Petersen Art Center was founded by Utah artist and art educator, Harold Petersen in 1994. In January after a vibrant life that touched thousands, Pete passed away at age 92.   After teaching here full time until age 90, he retired from teaching in 2021.   Even after death he still continues to inspire our instructors and students. In the years since since Pete and his son Mark opened the Center center in 1993 over 16,000 students have taken over 120,000 classes.

Pete was recognized as one of the West’s leading watercolorists, having won numerous local and national awards for his works in water media.

He was also recognized as a tremendous educator.  His warm accepting countenance, and knowledge will be missed but not forgetten.

Our Parking is Just Around the Corner
2034 South 1000 East

Parking at the Petersen Art Center and for Dick Blick is easy!

Our large parking lot is located just a quarter block west on 1000 east about 50 yards next to Penquin Brothers Ice Cream. It is clearly marked with signage as being only for the Petersen Art Center and Dick Blick Art Supply.

There is also limited street side parking directly in front of the store on 2100 South.

Please do not use parking lots owned and signed by other businesses. This parking is sometimes patrolled by impound lot tow trucks and may result in your car being booted or towed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When does your next class session begin?:  We are always in session as classes are taught on an ongoing basis.  This means that you can begin as soon as the next available class of your choice and it also means that you can withdraw at the end of any month you choose.

2.  How big are your classes?:  Classes are small (generally, not more than 14 students) allowing for one on one, individualized instruction.

3.  How much is tuition?:
  Tuition is $110 per four week month.  If you make your monthly tuition payment by the 12th of the month and your billing is current you can take a timely payment discount of $5.00 making your tuition $105.  If you or an immediate family member (someone living at the same address) take a second class you can take an additional discount of 10% off of all additional classes billed to that single address.

4.  Are there any other deals or specials I ought to know about?:
  We periodically offer special offers for first time students (see the “Discounts” tab above). 

5.  It’s the middle of the month, what if I want to start now?:
  You can start right away in most classes and we will prorate your initial monthly tuition.  We do not prorate for partial months when you withdraw and ask that you withdraw on the full month.

6.  How are materials handled?:  There is an $10.00 fee for elementary and junior high classes which covers materials costs for those classes.  Adult and high school students in Painting and Drawing classes are responsible for there own materials.  Instructors each have their own preferences in this regard which are tailored to the sort of work you want to do.  Also instructors will work to utilize any materials you already own.  Be sure to let them know of (or bring) any art materials or tools you might already have. Adult Pottery students will need to purchase their clay from us at $40/bag. We also sell a pottery tool kit for $30.

7.  Where should I buy my materials?:
  Painting and drawing materials should be purchased right here at the Dick Blick store witch occupies the main floor of the Petersen Art Center.  They offer Utah’s best prices and a complete range of the supplies you will need.  Pottery tools and clay can be purchased right in your classroom (initial tools cost $30 and clay is $40.00 -$45.00 per bag which includes glazes and firing).

8.  What if I miss a class do I still have to pay tuition for it?:  You are responsible for tuition for classes whether you come or not.  As a courtesy we offer students the opportunity to a make-up class for missed classes (the same class in another time slot).  These make-up classes are only available while you are a paid and enrolled student (you cannot save up make-ups and then use them after withdrawing).  Also you are responsible for tuition until you withdraw from a class.  To withdraw just respond to your emailed bill with an email notifying us that you are withdrawing, or call us or email us anytime to withdraw.  You withdrawal becomes effective on receipt of that notice.

9.  I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.  Can I become an artist?:
  You are one of our most common demographic profiles.  Many of our students come to us with the belief that they are without any real talent, only to discover rich, often hidden, artistic abilities.  Our classes are low pressure, positive experiences.  Students report that their classes are both fun and rewarding highlights of their week.

10.  Are there age requirements for classes?:
  Generally we ask that elementary and junior high students attend the class grade that matches their grade.  We do allow parents the latitude to bump their child up or down one grade level based on their individual circumstances.  Adult classes are open to all students grade nine through senior citizen.  Special permission is needed from the instructor for children younger than ninth grade to take adult classes.

If you have questions not answered here, please email us at or feel free to give us a call at  801.467.5444  for a prompt response!